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June 2013

GSE have received  another great customer testimonial to and would like to share.

GSE have given us  a cost  effective reliable service for a number of our properties, and have also helped us with a number of special projects.

I have always found GSE to be very professional and communicative always reporting back to me with any issues that may arise and helping me find a suitable resolve without having to be called back for information which is a valuable asset when working in a busy environment.



Housing management company

May 2013 NEWS!

May 2013

New Alarm Monitoring supplied to a well known tourist destination

As the sun threatened to break from the clouds this spring, our engineers were busy commissioning the intruder system at a well known tourist destination here in the South West.

We obviously cannot publicise where or who for security reasons but we can tell you we are very happy to have such an esteamed public venue on our portfolio.

With thousands of visitors each year to the premises, the management were faced with new requirements from their insurance company and we were only too pleased to provide a solution which included the 24hr monitoring of the security system.

And with the sun out and an abundance of ice creams on sell, our engineers were also quite happy working there as well!!


Our National Partnership Network provides increase in Retail service calls

GSE prides itself on its national partnerships with like minded security companies across the UK. Such partnerships enables us to provide specialist services outside of the South West for our clients and return we assist security companies based elsewhere with services in our area.

One recent partnership has seen us service two major high street retailers for our partners in Liverpool, ensuring that they achieve their key performance requirements for these clients without having to get an engineer to Bristol.

If you would like more information on how we can offer services outside of the South West please do contact us


School summer holidays – a busy time

It seems many of our schools will be making improvements this summer before the start of the new term, giving us at GSE plenty to do this summer!

We are currently working on a large extension for a school in Swindon, extending the existing intruder system and access control system.

Next month sees the start of an exciting project for one school, with the build of a new Hydrotherapy Pool which will come complete with an extension of the existing security system, as well as specialist door entry equipment.

Spring 2013 Newsletter

April 2013

Spring Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring newsletter and the first opportunity for a while for us to update you with some of the latest news at GSE.

In this edition we focus on the following -
Our latest Speed Lane installation

  • SSAIB acceditation
  • Roller Shutters
  • Access Control
  • GSE on social media

Successful Install of futuristic speed lanes

During the early part of this year GSE installed two speed lanes for a client in the financial industry. The project followed the success of a previous installation with the same client in 2011.


The speed lane installation included full access control integration, illuminated gateways providing visual access notification, a remote release switch on Reception and a disabled swing gate to assist users with disabilities.


You can find more information on both access control and speed lanes or turnstiles at




Did you know that GSE are SSIAB approved

SSIAB is a leading UK certification body offering a wide range of schemes for providers of electronic security and fire systems in the UK.


Their aim is is to promote high standards within these sectors and to provide recognition for those who achieve them.


The benefits of GSE being SSIAB accredited are:


1, Being SSIAB accredited complies with the ACPO policy enabling GSE to specify and install policed alarm systems


2, Recognised within the insurance industry


3, GSE are regularly audited under the accreditation to make sure that we are compliant and continue to conform to all latest British & European standards.


Our customers and end users can be safe in the knowledge that GSE are fully accredited and therefore a security company that hold the highest of standards.



Roller Shutters don’t have to be expensive

Did you know that GSE can supply and install roller shutters?


If you require a non-obligation survey and have your required sizes why not email us at – or call us to arrange a site visit and let us measure and quote your new shiny shutter.


Call 0845 470 0161






Thinking about Access Control?

Is there a real need for access control in your work place? What is the real benefit?


If this is your perspective of access control here are some benefits that you may have not even thought of.


Improve payroll efficiency
Enhance building security
Save costs
Reduce energy bills and protect the environment
Solve car parking issues


If you are thinking how – visit our website and find out or contact us today on 0845 470 0161








Keep in touch with Twitter


As many of you may expect, GSE use twitter on a daily basis to keep up on all the goings on in and around the local area including our customers and suppliers.


So if you’re not already following us you can find us on twitter @gse_bristol


GSE SSAIB Approved

April 2013

Did you know that GSE are SSIAB approved – SSIAB is a leading certification body offering a wide range of schemes for providers of electronic security and fire systems in the UK.

Their aim is is to promote high standards within these sectors and to provide recognition for those who achieve them.

The benefits of GSE being SSIAB accredited are:

1, Being SSIAB accredited  complies with the ACPO policy enabling GSE to specify and install policed alarm systems

2, Recognised with in the insurance industry

3, GSE are regularly audited under the  accreditation to make sure that we are compliant and conforming to British standards.

Our customers and end users can be safe in the knowledge that GSE are fully accredited and therefore a security company that hold the highest of standards.


March 2013

What types of CCTV systems are there?
There are a huge variety of systems available. Work on the basis that whatever you need there is a solution – budgets are the only limiting factor. GSE can install systems for homes, businesses and large organisations that can be both stand alone or monitored by a Video Monitoring Centre.

What types of cameras are there?
There are literally thousands of different types of camera. Whatever your application, we will specify the correct camera for you. It’s a specialist skill and it is a very fast moving technology. What’s also good is that the costs are coming down, for even the very best cameras.

Can they move by themselves?
Some systems can be configured and programmed to carry out patrols. Other systems have movement sensors linked into them. When someone is detected, the camera will move to a preset position.

Can I record number plates with them?
During the day, just about any camera, if properly set up will record number plates. However, at night the car lights play havoc with the camera’s light sensitive chip. What you really need is a specialist camera that only records reflected infra red light, which means it can read each and every number plate irrespective of weather conditions. More advanced options are ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) systems, which match number plates to databases and automatically open gates and barriers, or send alerts.

What cameras can be used at night?
Again, this depends on local lighting conditions, your requirements and the effect of light pollution. We have options across the board. The latest infra red lights are fantastic as they use little power because they are LED technology. They also last up to 20x longer than conventional IR lights.

What type of lighting is best?
Probably infra red; this way burglars cannot see anything, and light pollution is minimised.

Can I see the images over my IT network?
It depends on your systems, but essentially you can, if your IT Manager gives your system an IP address. In fact anyone with the correct authorisation can view it. Be careful here though. Some manufacturers offer their software for free, and others charge. We think that firms that charge for their software are likely to spend more time and resources developing it, which may be a better option in the long run.

Can I see the images over the internet?
Normally, if you can view the cameras on your network, you can view them on the internet. You’ll need a broadband connection for decent images.

Can these systems replace the need for a security guard?
Yes they can, and what’s more, they never sleep, protect the whole property and typically pay for themselves (ROI) in around 18 months.

So are camera systems still the future?
More than ever – for reliable, cost effective security, nothing comes close.

So what recorder is best for me?

We don’t record images to VCRs anymore. We record in digital format to a variety of equipment, but primarily Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). The main consideration when specifying a DVR is how many cameras you need, how long you want to keep the recorded images for, what quality of image you need and how you can access both the live and recorded images.

Essentially, the longer you want to keep the images, and the higher quality recording you have, and the more cameras you have will increase the storage capacity of the machine. The larger the storage capacity, the more expensive the DVR, so it’s a critical calculation. Fortunately our Surveyors take all these factors, and calculate them to provide the correct solution for your system.

It really depends on the results of our survey. We always recommend an element of contingency, so that you can add an extra camera, without having to purchase another expensive DVR.

New technology means that we can record images to your own existing IT hardware via a piece of software known as an Network Video Recorder (NVR). This kind of solution requires the full support of your IT professionals to execute securely and effectively, but removes the cost of having a stand alone DVR.

Can I upgrade my existing VCR?
Yes. We can replace your existing VCR for a DVR. This is very cost effective and DVRs are available from about £500 + VAT.

What happens if there is an incident? 
A DVR is much more flexible. You can search very quickly for incidents. It’s essentially the same as the difference between a music tape and a CD. Some DVR’s have a log of events, which you can view either via a dedicated keyboard and monitor, or some systems have the capacity to be viewed via a PC. The incidents can be saved to a CD or DVD, or even emailed.

What happens if I get broken in to and they wear balaclavas? 
Well, I’m afraid that you’ll have footage that may not unfortunately provide identification. However, the recordings can still offer fundamental evidence such as time, date, what vehicle was used, number of people involved and importantly how your building may have been physically attacked. You should really consider a monitored CCTV system. Ask a member of our team for further info.


Benefits of Access Control

February 2013








Benefits of a modern access control system go beyond security



The picture that comes into most people’s minds when thinking about access control systems is someone offering a badge up to a card reader to unlock a door or release a barrier so that they can get into or out of a building. However the capabilities of modern access control systems go far beyond simply controlling who can get into a building. GSE explore how access control can be used as an effective tool to enhance business efficiency and benefit an organisation in a number of other ways.

  • Improve payroll efficiency

Modern access control systems can supply data in a format that is readily compatible with payroll packages, so the tedious process of entering staff attendance data manually can be completely eliminated. Even in the smaller sized organisations, it can lead savings and efficiency improvements in the payroll department and for larger organisations, the savings can be very substantial.

  • Enhance building security

Now let’s look at what an access control system can do inside the building. It can be used to limit access to specific areas, ensuring that only authorised staff can enter such areas. Particularly in multiple occupancy buildings, it is often also useful to tie the operation of lifts into the access control system, so that users can only send the lifts to the floors occupied by the company for which they work.

Access control can also take into account the time of day or day of the week. This means that staff who have access to a building or an office during normal working hours can be barred at other times. Conversely, cleaning staff can be allowed access only after the normal working day is finished.

Some systems can go further by, for example, providing an effective solution to the perennial problem of bookings for meeting rooms and similar shared facilities, making it possible for authorised users to book the room or facility on-line. Then, at the appropriate time – but not at other times – their access control badge or card will allow entry. Arguments over bookings and wasted administrative time controlling the bookings manually are eliminated.

  • Save costs

Many organisations these days are using access control passes to control printing and photocopying – before they can make a copy or print a document, the pass holder has to present their pass to the machine. This not only means that unauthorised usage is eliminated, but also that records can easily be kept of the volume of copying and printing carried out by individual users. This is a big incentive to print only what is necessary, thereby saving costs, protecting the environment.  It also ensures the security of confidential documents.

Cashless vending services can also be implemented using the same access control passes. This avoids the expense and inconvenience of having to issue separate passes, and also means that when a pass needs to be issued, cancelled or updated, the job only has to be done once. Again, this can lead to big savings in administrative time and costs.

  • Reduce energy bills and protect the environment:

For many users, however, one of the biggest benefits of installing a modern access control system is that it greatly reduces their energy bills and, therefore, their carbon emissions.

This is achieved by arranging for the access control system to exchange data with the building management system. Since the access control system knows which areas of the building are occupied, once this interchange of data has been enabled, it is a relatively simple matter to configure the building management system so that it automatically turns off unnecessary lighting and reduces the heating in unoccupied areas.

  • Solve car parking issues

A well-implemented access control system can start its work even before staff and visitors reach the building, by controlling entry and exit to the car park. Modern systems can be programmed to allow access only to authorised cars, or simply to count cars in until the car park is full, and then to bar further entries.

Clearly modern access control systems have a lot to offer, but when it comes to installing such a system, there is always one element that we have not considered. This is availability of budget or lack of it. Before assuming that there is insufficient money available to install a system, it is worth looking again at the features and facilities discussed in this article, many of which lead directly to cost savings.


Top 5 Tips on purchasing an Intruder Alarm

January 2013

Tip 1, Do your homework first and decide which companies to contact. Before you sign up with a security company, check they are accredited and if so by whom, ask a lot of questions about exactly what you’re getting. Take notes, take names and numbers and lastly take your time.


Tip 2, What Grade of System should you have? your insurers will be able to help you with this and also your chosen security company should carry out a detailed risk assessment.


Grade 1 – low risk, such as rural village house
Grade 2 – Low/medium risk such as rural town shop
Grade 3 – Medium/high risk such as town off license
Grade 4 – High risk, such as inner city jewellers


Tip 3, Ask about monitoring. do you need your intruder alarm monitored and what are the benefits? if you do who will monitoring the alarm system? What type of monitoring will be used? Most graded systems use a phone line along with a GPRS Signal (dual path technology)


Tip 4, Have you been offered a maintenance agreement for your intruder alarm? Before you sign any maintenance/monitoring agreement, make sure you understand the full terms, including renewal and cancellation policy.


tip 5, Will the devices specified by the security company suit the environmental application of the premises?

As we head into 2013 we take one last look back on 2012 – but what happened in 2012 here are our top 4!

January 2013

1- Paxton release the NET2 Entry smart and simple door solution

2- Security supplier Norbain acquired by Newbury Investments (UK) Ltd

3- Security Excellence Awards 2012: finalists announced!

4- Michael Owen catches intruders on his home CCTV system

Merry Christmas

December 2012

Access Control – Speed lanes – New install Dec 2012

December 2012

IFSEC held at the NEC

May 2012

Staff at GSE have recently visited the annual international security exhibition IFSEC held at the NEC. There were some really exciting new products on show and GSE will be showcasing these over the forthcoming months – stay tuned!


Local Beer Festival

April 2012

Portishead Town Football Club who are celebrating their centenary this year held the first Beer & Cider festival. Guardian Security being a local Portishead company were proud to sponsor a barrel but also more than happy to attend and help drink it!!

BBC Bristol

February 2012

Guardian Security have supplied the BBC Bristol with security equipment for new Drama series which will be out in the spring 2012


January 2012

CCTV  -  If looking for a cost effective migration over to IP from existing analog CCTV system, look no further than the Pelco DX4700 & DX4800 series digital recorders -
With 8 or 16 channel analog channels plus two megapixel inputs, the new DVR means users can gain benefits of extra image detail where they need it most, while still getting maximum value from their existing cameras and cabling. Full frame rate recordings and up to 8TB of storage means never having to choose between image quality and recording speed.
Contact Us  today for further information or to arrange a free no obligation survey on all new or existing CCTV systems.

Merry Christmas

December 2011

Merry Christmas one and all…. As a special treat here is our GSE December Newsletter with the following seasonal topics -
  • Merry christmas from the GSE team
  • Intruder alarm – how a well maintained intruder alarm can give peace of mind
  • Service and Maintenance – Great deals when you take out a new agreement with us this winter


"GSE have always been efficient and very professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them" — Director of UK Alfa Romeo Specialist's
"I have always found GSE to be very professional and communicative always reporting back to me with any issues that may arise and helping me find a suitable resolve without having to be called back for information which is a valuable asset when working in a busy environment" — Maureen Housing Management Company
"We have always been happy with the quality of work undertaken by their staff are knowledgeable and responsive, and are very quick to adapt to our business needs" — Facilities Manager The Co-op Group Ltd

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