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CCTV Bristol

Guardian Security Electronics are a Bristol based, independent security company offering a full range of cost effective and reliable security solutions to companies based throughout the Bristol area.

By utilising the skills of our dedicated team of well-trained, friendly staff possessing all of the crucial experience and knowledge required to install the premier systems of CCTV Bristol has to offer, we have established a reputation for both skill and integrity.

Why Utilise Bristol CCTV?

Effective commercial security measures require significantly more than just shutters and locks for your property. Whilst there will always be a place for certain forms of physical forms of security, such as shutters and security doors, without the necessary means to exact a swift police response, even the sturdiest of shutters can be defeated by a determined intruder.

Solutions for commercial security usually tend to be more comprehensive than those for households. Few homes need an integrated CCTV, alarm, and access control system whereas many of our commercial clients require systems which are far more comprehensive.

Although many people view CCTV as simply a deterrent, today’s technology offers much more than simple protection of your employees, customers and assets. Professional CCTV surveillance is about foreseeing problems and stopping them at source, picking out wrongdoers in a crowd and monitoring an organisation’s key operations.

There are other practical applications for many CCTV Bristol security systems, ranging from health and safety monitoring to analytics systems that can help you market to your customers more effectively.

Some of the practical applications include:

  • Excellent crime deterrent (adds visual notification that you are serious about protecting your property)
  • Prevent shoplifting or staff theft
  • Protection for your business against false injury claims
  • Ability to remotely monitor your premises
  • Be alerted when motion is detected at specific times and places

Installation Services Available

As well as making informed recommendations to our clients in regards to which of our systems will provide the most effective results for their property, the premier CCTV installers Bristol has to offer, Guardian Security Electronics, can also install your chosen CCTV system to help protect your business.

Correctly installed CCTV systems can prove to be the difference between being highly effective in protecting premises and reducing crime and being open to a variety of negative outcomes. To ensure the success of your CCTV system, it is crucial that the systems are efficiently installed, monitored and maintained.

Further Information

For further information regarding our CCTV Bristol services, including our installation services please call Bristol Tel: 0845 470 0161 or to contact via e-mail click here.

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"I have always found GSE to be very professional and communicative always reporting back to me with any issues that may arise and helping me find a suitable resolve without having to be called back for information which is a valuable asset when working in a busy environment" — Maureen Housing Management Company
"GSE have always been efficient and very professional I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them" — Director of UK Alfa Romeo Specialist's
"We have always been happy with the quality of work undertaken by their staff are knowledgeable and responsive, and are very quick to adapt to our business needs" — Facilities Manager The Co-op Group Ltd

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